Hampton Wick History


Hampton Wick - Brick by Brick

We have been tracing the development of Hampton Wick from 1750 - population around 500 - to the present day. All three phases of this exciting and ambitious project are now complete and the full set of books is now available.  You can buy copies here. This dedicated section of the website has been developed in conjunction with the books. It has a dedicated page for each of the 650 residential buildings in the village, recording when they were built and who has lived in them.. Click here to view a brief video on how to use this section.

Down The Drain - an illustrated talk

One of the most down-to-earth problems facing local communities in the second half of the nineteenth century was how to deal with the human waste generated by their ever-growing population. It was a topic that occupied huge numbers of column inches in newspapers and fuelled lively and sometimes bitter debate.How did such an unprepossessing issue come to force itself centre-stage in the attention of so many worthy and capable local politicians? This talk will reveal how the Hampton Wick Local Board used ingenuity and a capacity for opportunism to create its own unique solution to the problem which is still operating to this day.

Date: Friday 23 September 2016

Time: 7 to 8pm

Location: Bullen Hall (next to Hampton Wick Library)

Price: £3 in advance (online at http://www2.richmond.gov.uk/Richmondbookings/details.aspx?id=53775),
£4 on the door (these cannot be guaranteed)


Local History Walk on Saturday 24 September at 11am

Meet at Hampton Wick Library

Join Ray Elmitt, author of several books on the history of Hampton Wick, for one of his celebrated walks. The itinerary will take in 10 places of particular historic interest around Hampton Wick dating from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. You will also receive a leaflet describing the 17 English Heritage Grade 2 Listed Buildings that you will be passing during the walk.

Meet at Hampton Wick Library on Saturday 24 September at 11am - free event – duration 1.5 hours - covering 1.5 miles.

Down The Drain - the book

Based on the original Minute Books of the Local Government Boards backed up by contemporary reports in the Surrey Comet, this book tells the fascinating and highly varied stories of how four local communities - Hampton Wick, Teddington, Twickenham and Hampton - each finally created their own communal solution for sewage disposal. 

150 pages with 40 maps, diagrams and photographs

£10 + £1 p&p